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Hit of the Week Collection 1930-1932 (COMPLETE)

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Hit of the Week Collection 1930-1932 (COMPLETE)

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Hit of the Week Collection 1930-1932 (COMPLETE)

Hit of the Week records were a well-produced unbreakable laminated cardboard 78 that sold for only 15 cents during the early 1930's. Each week a new record would come out and so by listening to this collection you can pretty much get to know all the big hits of the years 1930 to 1932.

This collection contains the following:

Regular Issues:

Tip-Toe Through The Tulips With Me - Don Voorhees Orchestra (1929)
Hello Baby-Bert Lown & His Hotel Biltmore Music (1930)
Through-Bert Lown & His Hotel Biltmore Music (1930)
My Fate Is In Your Hands - Vincent Lopez Orchestra (1930)
My Sweeter Than Sweet - Vincent Lopez Orchestra (1930)
I'm Following You - Ben Pollack Orchestra (1930)
Cryin' For The Carolines - Ben Pollack Orchestra (1930)
There's Danger In Your Eyes, Cherie!-Vincent Lopez Orchestra (1930)
Congratulations-Bert Lown & His Hotel Biltmore Music (1930)
University Of Maine Stein Song-Hotel Pennsylvania Music (1930)
With You-Statler Pennsylvanians (1930)
University Of Maine Stein Song Statler Pennsylvanians (1930)
A Cottage For Sale-The New York Twelve (1930)
Lazy Lou'siana Moon-Jan Garber's Orchestra (1930)
Sing You Sinners-Harlem Hot Chocolates (1930)
St. James' Infirmary-Harlem Hot Chocolates (1930)
Springtime In The Rockies-Vincent Lopez Orchestra (1930)
The Song Without A Name-Phil Spitalny's Music (1930)
Give Yourself A Pat On The Back-Phil Spitalny's Music (1930)
Mysterious Mose -Bobby Dixon's Broadcasters (1930)
Song Of The Dawn-Phil Spitalny's Music (1930)
If I Had A Girl Like You-Phil Spitalny's Music (1930)
Across The Breakfast Table-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1930)
Ro-Ro-Rollin' Along -Hit of the Week Orchestra (1930)
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1930)
Cheer Up Good Times Are Comin'-Phil Spitalny's Music (1930)
Anchors Aweigh-Phil Spitalny's Music (1930)
Singing A Song To The Stars-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1930)
You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1930)
Old New England Moon-Phil Spitalny's Music (1930)
Swingin' In A Hammock-Phil Spitalny's Music (1930)
Just A Little Closer-Hit of the Week Orchestra (ca. 1929)
Confessin' That I Love You-Phil Spitalny's Music (1930)
Little White Lies-Vincent Lopez Orchestra (1930)
Here Comes The Sun-Vincent Lopez Orchestra (1930)
Bye Bye Blues-Bert Lown & His Hotel Biltmore Music (1930)
Go Home And Tell Your Mother-Don Voorhees Orchestra (1930)
I Still Get A Thrill -Hotel Pennsylvania Orchestra (1930)
What's The Use-Phil Spitalny's Music (1930)
Betty Co-Ed-Phil Spitalny's Music (1930)
Somewhere In Old Wyoming-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1930)
I’ll Be Blue Just Thinking Of You-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1930)
My Baby Just Cares For Me-Ted Fio Rito’s Orchestra (1930)
When The Organ Played At Twilight-Fio Rito’s Music (1930)
My Bluebird Was Caught In The Rain-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1930)
Moonlight On The Colorado-Dick Robertson & His Collegians (1930)
If I Could Be With You One Hour To-night-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1930)
Three Little Words-Sam Lanin’s Dance Ensemble (1930)
I’m Yours-Benrus Radio Orchestra (1930)
Maybe It’s Love-Sam Lanin’s Dance Ensemble (1930)
Sweetheart Of My Student Days-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1930)
The Little Things In Life-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1930)
Cheerful Little Earful-Vincent Lopez Orchestra (1930)
You’re Driving Me Crazy-The New York Twelve (1930)
Sweet Jennie Lee!-Reser’s Radio Band (1930)
Crying Myself To Sleep-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1931)
Something To Remember You By-Sam Lanin’s Dance Ensemble (1931)
Blue Again-Benrus Radio Orchestra (1931)
Lonesome Lover-Vincent Lopez Orchestra (1931)
Just A Gigolo-Vincent Lopez Orchestra (1931)
When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver - Phil Spitalny’s Music (1931)
Reaching For The Moon-Sam Lanin’s Dance Ensemble (1931)
Overnight-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1931)
The King’s Horses-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1931)
Hello! Beautiful!-Sam Lanin’s Dance Ensemble (1931)
Ninety-Nine Out Of A Hundred-Sam Lanin’s Dance Ensemble (1931)
Tears-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1931)
You’ll Be Mine In Apple Blossom Time-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1931)
Whistling In The Dark-Sam Lanin’s Dance Ensemble (1931)
I Surrender, Dear-Sam Lanin’s Dance Ensemble (1931)
Out Of Nowhere-Harry Reser’s Radio Band (1931)
When I Take My Sugar To Tea-Harry Reser’s Radio Band (1931)
Were You Sincere-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1931)
By The River Sainte Marie-Dick Robertson’s Orchestra (1931)
By My Side-Sam Lanin’s Dance Ensemble (1931)
Ho-Hum-Sam Lanin’s Dance Ensemble (1931)
I Wanna Sing About You-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1931)
Let’s Get Friendly-The New York Twelve (1931)
I’m Thru With Love-Don Voorhees Orchestra (1931)
Roll On, Mississippi, Roll On-Maxwell House Orchestra (1931)
When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain-Sam Lanin’s Dance Ensemble (1931)
Pardon Me Pretty Baby-Sam Lanin's Orchestra (1931)
Just One More Chance-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1931)
I'm Keepin' Company-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1931)
Come To Me-Scrappy Lambert's Collegians (1931)
I Found A Million Dollar Baby-Don Voorhees' Orchestra (1931)
Many Happy Returns Of The Day-Maxwell House Orchestra (1931)
Little Girl-Freddie Rich's Radio Orchestra (1931)
It's The Girl-Freddie Rich's Radio Orchestra (1931)
Me-Sam Lanin's Orchestra (1931)
Princeton Cannon Song And "Down The Field" (Yale)-Sam Lanin's Orchestra (1931)
Love Letters In The Sand-Sam Lanin's Orchestra (1931)
Illinois Loyalty - Michigan Victory-Sam Lanin's Orchestra (1931)
I Apologize-Phil Spitalny's Orchestra (1931)
Fight For California-Phil Spitalny's Orchestra (1931)
Sweet And Lovely-Phil Spitalny's Orchestra (1931)
Notre Dame Victory March-Phil Spitalny's Orchestra (1931)
Ballyhoo Theme Song "Cheer Up" [vocal]-Eddie Cantor (1931)
Ballyhoo Theme Song "Cheer Up"- Phil Spitalny's Music (1931)
I'm Just A Dancing Sweetheart-Freddie Rich's Radio Orchestra (1931)
As The Backs Go Tearing By [Dartmouth]-Freddie Rich's Radio Orchestra (1931)
Guilty-Phil Spitalny's Music (1931)
She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain-Phil Spitalny's Music (1931)
Now That You're Gone-Gene Austin & Hit of the Week Orchestra (1931)
La Paloma-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1931)
Shine On Harvest Moon-Phil Spitalny's Music (1931)
Oh Susanna-Phil Spitalny's Music (1931)
Good Night Sweetheart-Phil Spitalny's Music (1931)
In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree-Phil Spitalny's Music (1931)
You Call It Madness-Freddie Rich's Radio Orchestra (1931)
Auld Lang Syne-Freddie Rich's Radio Orchestra (1931)
Call Me Darling-Freddie Rich's Radio Orchestra (1931)
Comin' Thro The Rye-Freddie Rich's Radio Orchestra (1931)
Time On My Hands-Phil Spitalny's Music (1931)
Jingle Bells-Phil Spitalny's Music (1931)
Silent Night-Phil Spitalny's Music (1931)
A Faded Summer Love-Rudy Vallee with his Connecticut Yankees (1931)
You Try Somebody Else-Rudy Vallee with his Connecticut Yankees (1931)
This Is The Mrs.-Erno Rapee's Orchestra (1931)
The Merry Widow Waltz-Erno Rapee's Orchestra (1931)
River, Stay 'Way From My Door-Erno Rapee's Orchestra (1931)
Some Of These Days-Erno Rapee's Orchestra (1931)
When It's Sleepy Time Down South-Phil Spitalny's Music (1931)
Sailin'-Phil Spitalny's Music (1931)
Now's The Time To Fall In Love-Phil Spitalny's Music (1931)
After The Ball-Phil Spitalny's Music (1931)
Home-Rudy Vallee with his Connecticut Yankees (1932)
By The Sycamore Tree-Rudy Vallee with his Connecticut Yankees (1932)
An Evening In Caroline-Nick Lucas & His Troubadors (1932)
All Of Me-Nick Lucas & His Troubadors (1932)
Good Night Ladies-Nick Lucas & His Troubadors (1932)
Save The Last Dance For Me-Erno Rapee's Orchestra (1932)
Ida-Erno Rapee's Orchestra (1932)
Was That the Human Thing To Do?-Rudy Vallee with his Connecticut Yankees (1932)
The Wooden Soldier And The China Doll-Rudy Vallee (1932) Orchestra
The Wooden Soldier And The China Doll-Rudy Vallee (1932) Vocal
Kiss Me Goodnight-Morton Downey & The Camel Orchestra (1932) Orchestra
Kiss Me Goodnight-Morton Downey & The Camel Orchestra (1932) Vocal
Two Loves-Morton Downey & The Camel Orchestra (1932) Orchestra
Two Loves-Morton Downey & The Camel Orchestra (1932) Vocal
Somebody Loves You-Phil Spitalny's Music (1932)
One More Kiss, Then Goodnight-Phil Spitalny's Music (1932)
Auf Wiedersehen, My Dear-Phil Spitalny's Music (1932)
Marta-Phil Spitalny's Music (1932)
By The Fireside-Rudy Vallee & Orchestra (1932)
Lovable-Rudy Vallee & Orchestra (1932)
Let's Have Another Cup O' Coffee-Phil Spitalny's Music (1932)
Strangers-Phil Spitalny's Music (1932)
Paradise-Phil Spitalny's Music (1932)
Love, You Funny Thing!-Phil Spitalny's Music (1932)
Dream Sweetheart-Morton Downey & Orchestra (1932)
Soft Lights And Sweet Music-Morton Downey & Orchestra (1932)
My Mom-Morton Downey & Orchestra (1932)
I'm So Alone With the Crowd-Morton Downey & Orchestra (1932)
Sing a New Song-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1932)
My Extraordinary Girl [sic]-Hit of the Week Orchestra (1932)
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea-Ralph Kirbery & Orchestra (1932)
Happy-Go-Lucky You and Broken Hearted Me-Ralph Kirbery & Orchestra (1932)
One Hour With You-Andy Sannella & His Orchestra (1932)
I Beg Your Pardon, Mademoiselle-Andy Sannella & His Orchestra (1932)
Lawd, You Made The Night Too Long-Andy Sannella & His Orchestra (1932)
Sharing-Andy Sannella & His Orchestra (1932)
Lullaby Of The Leaves-Phil Spitalny's Music (1932)
Betty Boop-Phil Spitalny's Music (1932)
My Silent Love-Phil Spitalny's Music (1932)
Hummin' To Myself-Phil Spitalny's Music (1932)

Special Issues:

1018 Hit of the Week Orchestra - Back In Your Own Back Yard
1066 Happy Rose Orchestra - Get Happy
1096 Phil Spitalny - A Medley of Canadian Songs
1100 Phil Spitalny - Souvenir from Phil Spitalny to the Northwestern University
1103 Bert Hirsch - Three Little Words - Moonlight On The Colorado.
1505 Eva Taylor - De Trouble I've Seen
1506 St. Louis Blues - Leola Felton (Piano)
5058 Rudy Vallee (Richard Himber) Orchestra - Which Do You prefer

N.B. I have taken some liberties with the original catalog numbers
so that the song will appear in chronological order.

Brought to you by

1 - 1046 Harlem Hot Chocolates St. James Infirmary
[MusicBrainz (recording)]


Reviewer: yura 14 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 23, 2015
Subject: Благодарность
Спасибо за записи. Офигеть.
Reviewer: The_Emperor_Of_Television - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 12, 2014
Subject: Da bomb!!
Listened to about 23 of the tracks. Very impressed. Some of them have become among my favourites: "Let's Get Friendly", "Many Happy Returns of the Day", "Sing You Sinners", "St. James Infirmary", "Hello Baby" and the incredibly catchy "When I Take My Sugar To Tea". I hope to listen to more of the tracks on this page....
Reviewer: Jijina - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 19, 2014
Subject: +8 hours of charming old tunes
A nice way to discover the popular sounds of this era!
Reviewer: oldmusicfreak - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 16, 2013
Subject: Best Ive heard in years.
This stuff is awesome! Ive been listening to it for two days now and am still not tired of it. Great job!
Reviewer: Mark Gabrish Conlan - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 16, 2013
Subject: Really amazing!
This is a surprisingly good collection -- the bands are surprisingly jazzy, the recording quality (for the most part) is clear and bright (the Durium plastic, or whatever it was, actually delivered quieter sound and a greater frequency range than the shellac/clay mixture the major labels were pressing on then), and the performances come through with impact and drive. BTW, the versions of "Sing, You Sinners" and "St. James Infirmary," credited to the "Harlem Hot Chocolates," are really by Duke Ellington and his orchestra, with vocals (I think) by the band's then-manager, Irving Mills.
Reviewer: Simmy Simpson - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 28, 2012
Subject: How about a zip?
All this stuff is gold. Much thanks for uploading.
One tiny thing; I've just spent the last half hour right-clicking and saving as 166 files. Not wanting to sound ungrateful, but how about a zipfile?
Reviewer: randyw41a - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 4, 2012
Subject: Great stuff from the past.
The sound quality is amazing for the age of these recordings. Thanks for posting this stuff...
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